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Interested in joining ALDABA?


Combine your talent with ours and keep it growing

We create community

Community around our teams, customers, suppliers and partners. Also around our neighbourhoods, society and planet. Can you help us create that?

People are our driving force

Balance and compatibility

Flexible pay
Restaurant vouchers, medical insurance, childcare and parking nearby partially subsidised by the company.
Reduced working hours
Four months of intensive working hours for spending time with your loved ones! Three of them in summertime, so you can also enjoy the beach (wheather permitting!), and one more at Christmas to be up to date with the preparations.
Flexible timetable
Distribute weekly working hours as best suits your personal needs.
Flexible teleworking
Remote, hybrid or traditional: it's your choice!

What are we looking for?

We want curious and committed professionals

People who want to commit to a business project and join a team in which companionship, group learning and flexibility are paramount.