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Pioneering for more humane ICT consulting since 2003


Our identity


Working with information technology to optimise business processes.

We blend experience with expertise in multiple environments and technologies, coupled with flexibility and a drive for continuous improvement. This ultimately lets us help our customers improve their performance and create value, from strategic ICT planning to day-to-day operations.

The cornerstone of our way of doing business rests with our professionals, who distinguish themselves, beyond their talent and academic training, by their capacity and motivation to learn, an essential key for adaptation and agile assimilation of all the new knowledge, technologies and methodologies we face with each new project and each new customer.

Our partners are also a core part of our service portfolio and include major technology providers (such as Microsoft, HP and Fortinet), universities and technology centres. They all help us keep up to date and acquire quality training in the latest technologies and product versions launched on the market.

Our day-to-day operations bind us together under a single vision: to serve as the technology partner of reference and preference for our customers. Our mision is developing real value for every business challenge and every person who interacts with it, through the most appropriate ICT services and solutions for their needs.

Our formula

Commitment to the needs of our team

Diversity and gender equality

We believe in raising the visibility and promoting a greater presence of women in the ICT sector.

Continuous and relevant training

Our training plan targets the demands of the market and business growth.

Professional development

Every individual's progression is adapted to his or her expectations, pace and abilities.

Family balance

We constantly explore all possible options to make the lives of the people involved in ALDABA even easier.

Healthy lifestyle

Physical exercise, healthy eating and outdoor activities are all on our agenda.

Positive impact

We take small steps to improve our surrounding environment. Two examples of our efforts in this regard include the organisation of environmental conservation and restoration activities and the creation of our ALDABA WIB Chair.